a)  All members, spouses, children and guest shall abide by all Federal, State and Local Laws and Rules

               of the Land owners and it’s Agents and the Rocky Hills Hunting Club.   
          b)  Rocky Hills Hunting Club will abide by all State and Local hunting laws.
          c)  It is each member’s responsibility to be familiar with all laws and rules.
          d) ANY member, spouse child or guest of member verbally, written or physically harasses or makes threats

              of bodily harm or death to any other member, spouse, child or guest of member of any kind will have
              Membership immediately revoked and will be turned over to Law Enforcement.
         e) ANY Member, spouse, child or guest of member caught mortifying, vandalizing of stealing of any Club
             property, member, spouse, child or guest personal property will have Membership imminently revoked
             and turned over to Law Enforcement. (THIS INCLUDES PEOPLES HUNTING BLINDS)    

             Any killing of illegal game animals / baiting shall carry a penalty which will be decided by Officers,

             Board members, and/or game officials along with possible immediate revoke of membership.

           a) Any member found in violation of any club rules shall be fined $100.00 per event and/or

               Dismissed from Rocky Hill Hunting Club at the discretion of it’s officers.

           b) All fines must be paid in full before member can resume access to CLUB property.
           c) If membership is revoked for any reason you will have 24 hours to make arrangements from time
               of revocation notice may notice be verbal or in writing to be escorted onto Club property to
              remove any PROVEN personal property or it will be forfeited to Club ownership.

          a) Rocky Hill Hunting Club will not be held responsible for any accidents resulting in loss of limb / life,

              fire, theft involving members, spouses, children and or guests on the club of their person or property
              may it be personal or others property in their procession. Rocky Hills makes no promise of the amount of land 

              has to offer it depends on the amount of people that join the club.



​         a)   The member shall be responsible for any damage of leased property caused by that member,
               spouse, child or guest of said member.

         a)  Minimum age for membership is 18 years of age.

         b)  Members of the same household under the age of 18, or a full time student claimed on tax returns,  

              and spouse shall be covered under one membership.

         c)  There shall be an annual membership fee of any amount determined by the Club.
         d)  Grandfather clause is as follows
               Retired / Physically Disability members with 3 years in good standing receive 25% off
               Retired / Physically Disability members with 5 years in good standing receive 50% off

               Retired / Physically Disability members with 7 years in good standing receive 75% off
               Retired / Physically Disability members with 10 years good standing are 100% grandfathered.


           a)  CLUB Non-Refundable dues (Must be paid by Check or money order)
           ** Full Year (hunting) Currently $850.00 (one bag each of fertilizer and seed for green fields)
           ** Half Year April 1st – October 1st (Recreational) Currently $300.00

           b)  One half of dues shall be paid on or before First Members Meeting after Deer Season with the
                 remainder to be applied in full on or before April Meeting after which a 15% penalty will be added to
                regular dues amount. (Reminder New Yearly Members Hunting Right do not start until May 1st)

           c) Keys, membership cards and vehicle stickers will not be given until Dues are paid in full.

VIII.    Meetings
             a)  Monthly meetings are held on the 2nd Saturday of the month at the lodge of CLUB at 8 a.m.
                  EXCEPT  During Deer season. (unless acclimate weather arises)

           a)  There will be 5 Officers, President, Vice President, Treasure, Secretary and Membership Representative.
           b)  President, Vice President, Treasure, Secretary are voted on every 10 years in March.
                Membership Representative is voted on every year in May.

           c)  Member Representative responsibility it to run all monthly meetings informing of any rule changes,
               work day schedule and or other club business.  To collect any members concerns, grievances, ideas and

               /or thoughts and bring up to the rest of the Board for consideration during the monthly Board Meeting.
          d)  Order of Authority: President, Vice President, Treasure, Secretary and Membership Representative.
          e)   President, Vice President, Treasure shall be on bank account.
          f)  Any member that commits a minor infraction of the rules will be penalized under Rule3# and then be

               brought before the Board following the infraction.

          g) If a member commits continuing infractions the Board has right to vote out said member.
          h) Major infractions will be handed over to Law enforcement.

X.      ANNUAL FUND RAISER (subject to change)
          a) Raffle tickets will be handed out at the August Meeting and Drawing will be at the October meeting. 
          b) A Spring Open House to be determined each year. ALL members must be present unless or work



           a) Main gate may be left opening while someone is on the Club. First one in opens, last one out closes.

               If you aren’t sure you are last, close it.
           b) If a member, spouse, child or guest is caught leaving a gate open or unlocked Rule #3
               Penalty will be invoked upon that member immediately.

          a) ABSOLUTELY NO drinking of alcoholic beverages before or during any hunt will be tolerated.
          b) Drinking of Alcoholic beverages are not condoned on Leased Club Property

          a)  There shall be no person under the age of 16 on any stand at any time.
          b) Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied be a legal adult for Hunting.
          c) For off hunting season you must be with legal adult if under 18.
          d) Any Minors caught drinking on club will be turned into law enforcement.
          e) Minors under that age of 18 can not operate recreational vehicles without legal guardian.  

         a) Work days will be assigned by officers.

         b) All members are required to attend work days
         c) If member misses a work day, there will be a fine invoked of $75.00 for each work day missed.
             Member has 3 days to make arrangements with their group leader to make up a satisfactory work
             day before having to pay fine. Access to club will be revoked until fine paid or work day is completed.
         d) Members will be assigned by Officers a road and or area to keep up through the year.

           a) A member may bring two visitors/guest per time $25.00 per visitor/guest during hunting season.
               Which will be deducted from membership if they join.  
           b) A non-member may visit up to three times per type of hunting season. (EI: Bird, Small Game, Deer)

           c) One membership may have up to three visitors/guest on the CLUB property when not hunting,

                including but not limited to riding, fishing, and camping.
           d)  The member with the visitors/guest shall be responsible for the guest following CLUB rules.
           e)  If a member with a visitors/guest violates CLUB rules and/or is enrolled under a parent’s name, the
                parent shall be responsible.
           f)  All visitors/guest must have a pass during hunting season.
           g)  If a visitors/guest is caught without a pass, a $30.00 fine will be due from the member with guest, 
              and must leave losing access to CLUB property until fine is paid.

            a)  All members, spouses, children and guests MUST sign in and out the book any time on the Club.  
            b) You must signifying the area that you are hunting on the board except for Turkey and Coon.

            c)  If you do not sign in or mark your hunting area on the board and someone else signs in on that spot
                 then you must relinquish the area WITHOUT any disturbance of the area upon exit.

            e) You can NOT sign out the night before for the next morning.  
            f)  Any member, spouse, child or guest of member leaving CLUB and is signed in must remove their  
                name from sign in board. If not signed out and has left the CLUB property then Rule #3 will be
                invoked immediately upon member.


            a) Dog hunting is only allowed for small game such as Rabbit, Bird, Squirrel and or Coon.
            b) NO Dog allowed on Club during Gun Deer Season. (Per our Land Lease)

             a) No smoking in or around Club shooting houses or blinds.

             b) Pick up all trash that you carry to a shooting house or blind.
             c) You may put up your own stands or blinds, but if you do it must be for all to use.

             d) Any one caught mortifying a stand they do not own is considered vandalism and will be subject
                 toRule#  I (e)  EI: Cutting of Screens

            a) No vehicles or ATVs are allowed on food plots except during planting or retrieving a deer.
            b) Any member may plant a food plot at any location other then designated fields with the
                exception that no trees will be cut  or destroyed.

           a) Game animals can only be fed between May 1st and October 1st after which all feed must be stopped.
           b) Any member found with any bait in their vehicle will be fined under Rule #3
           c) CORN is not advised to feed as it has to low of protein and high sugar making it unhealthy.
               Please substitute ALL Stock type feed which is about the same cost found at the Feed Store on
               the corner of Oden Mills Rd and 280. If you need help please contact Amy Smith and she will
               be happy to pick some up for you.

           a) During Deer season, there will be no riding for recreational purposes.
               Vehicles and ATVs can be used only to go from sign in board to stand and back.
          b)  During Turkey season starting April 1st recreational riding may start at 12 noon until midnight.

            a) 3 point or better on one side for Buck unless hunter is 12 or under
            b) 3 doe per membership
            c) Doe can only be shot on green fields by Woman, Children under 18, Retired or Physically Disabled

             a) Shooting Range is located about half down road 9 and clearly marked. It is open 24/ 7/ 365.
                 If you are not sure where it is please contact an Officer to show you.

            a) Rules are subject to change by Board Vote at any giving time.

            b) Any rule changes will then be immediately governing and not required to be filed with any official
                State or Federal offices to be enforceable.
            c) New rules will then be posted at Club House Board on Leased Club Land.
            d) Depending on time of year may or may not be mailed out to members Please check board.